Why You Should Visit Goechala

Goechala trek:

The Goecha La trek in Sikkim is said to be one of the most beautiful treks in the state. This journey to Goecha La pass is located in West Sikkim which is known for its magnificent landscapes, unrivaled vistas of spectacular views of peaks such as Mt. Kanchenjunga along its diverse flora and fauna. The Himalayan Ranges here include the world’s highest peak i.s Mount Everest, as well as numerous other biggest peaks. For adventure seekers, the Indian Himalayas offer a wonder of stunning trekking spots. Taking a trekking journey in India is said to be one of the amazing experiences due to the unique blend of nature and culture together in it.

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Witness the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga:

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is also known to be the Goecha La trek. The main highlight of this trek is said to be the stunning views of the sunrise available from the vista point of Goecha La pass. You get to travel in the shadows of the world’s third tallest mountain i.n the Mt. Kanchenjunga while trekking from the campsite of Thansing to Lamuney. You get to witness the whole of Mt. Kanchenjunga Range as you approach Goecha La pass which is also providing a spectacular sunrise view. It is a great wish of the trekkers to watch the sun’s first rays hit those snow-covered peaks.


Amazingly changing landscapes:

The trekking to this spot begins from a little village known as “Yuksom.” This trail goes from climbing up and then descends through woodland areas taking you through amazing rivers and streams in the early mornings. From Tshoka, the entire trek goes through a magnificent rhododendron forest. After reaching Tshoka, this same trail continues through the magnificent meadows of Dzongri. From the previous campground, Lamuney, to the Goecha La pass, one must trek through some rugged terrain and moraines. Here every day brings a totally new set of colors and a dramatic change in the scenery.


Warm welcoming and hospitality by the villagers:

During your journey to this trekking spot, you will get to trek through lands where life is simple and humble and the air is said to be thin. This trek also provides you an opportunity to experience how Sikkimese people live. Here you will see smiles everywhere and from everyone, and the simplicity of the inhabitants of this place will surely win your heart.


Experience the Buddist, Tibetan, and Hindu culture:

The majority of the population of the Sikkim region practices Hinduism and Buddhism. Tibetan culture has also influenced the people of this region. Many notable religious sites can be found in this region. Dubdi monastery which is located in Yuksom is said to be the oldest monastery of Sikkim. Here even the mountains are worshiped as gods by the natives of this place, and the peaks, rivers, and lakes hold spiritual significance to this small population.


Exotic flora and fauna of the area:

The Goecha La trekking spot is located within the Kanchenjunga National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This region is said to be rich in flora and fauna and the biosphere reserve is also home to a variety of birds and mammal species, including the elusive snow leopard. The famous Tshoka’s forest is completely covered in rhododendron trees, and also the area is said to be home to a variety of unusual flowering species.


The uniqueness of this trekking spot:

For a number of reasons, the trek to Goecha La is unlike any other trek. This walk offers a remarkable diversity of wonderful plains, valleys, clear lakes, icy glaciers, and views of beautiful and snow-covered mountains which are totally covered in the ancient forests there, including Mount Kanchenjunga which is regarded as the world’s third-highest peak. Its terrain and temperature here set it apart from other sections of the Indian Himalayas when it comes to hiking in this trekking spot.


Challenges of the trek:

The trekking journey to Goechala trek is rated as a moderate to challenging trekking experience by most of the trekkers or visitors. This trekking journey can be completed by both novice and experienced trekkers. Although this trekking requires a considerable amount of physical fitness and preparedness. This journey includes several steep climbs and parts that will actually put your physical and mental strength to the test. Good acclimatization is essential due to the day-to-day climb in altitude. In addition, depending on the weather of this region, very cold temperatures can be expected by the trekkers. All of these things combine to make it a difficult but rewarding high-altitude hike.



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