Top 5 Top 5 Skyscraper in the UAE

According to Neha Bhatia’s article for Arabian Business about 190 skyscrapers have been built in Dubai alone in the past 15 years, compared with 23 in London over the same period. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi boast innovative, interesting, and sometimes bizarre skyscrapers that record world records. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is ranked fourth, after Hong Kong, the United States, and Japan, among countries with the finest or top-out skyscrapers.


  1. Burj Khalifa

 The company has reinvented everything potential in the engineering and manufacturing of super-high building structures. The building combines state-of-the-art technology and cultural influences to be a world icon that is both a model for future urban centers and speaks to the global movement towards compact living urban areas. In Dubai, the Tower and its surrounding neighborhood are more centralized. Burj Khalifa ticket mixed-use programme is located in the center of a new neighborhood in the city center and offers direct connections to the mass transit systems. As the tape-tower increases, reverses occur in an upward spiral pattern at the ends of each “wing,” which decreases the mass of the tower as the height increases. The reversals in the wind tunnel were modeled to minimize wind forces. In terms of wind design and orientation, the design of the Tower has been significantly influenced by its performance.



  1. Marina 101


Marina 101 stands out in a city of super-tall structures with architectural elements reminiscent of art-deco design. Situated in the tightly packed district of Dubai Marina, this building is just a stone’s throw from the Persian Gulf and is surrounded by several major high-rise complexes and the famous Palm Jumeirah Island. The first Hard Rock in the Middle East is located at the tower. A wide variety of aesthetic influences are fully incorporated into the structure. Instead of simply constructing straight up to the sky, the architects of Marina 101 added many optical features to pierce and spread the exterior of the building. The vertical monotony of a super tall tower, which rises, branches through flared projections acting as light plates, culminates in a 45 m long crown which envelops the building and distinguishes it in the circumstances. There is an aluminum base of granite, a two-tone cover on the height of the tower and two vitrages to reduce thermal gain. The facade consists of a granite foundation. At night, from Dubai airport, the subtly lit coronation is clear. It comprises blue sky aluminum panels that converge to a dramatic pinnacle of four. The tower has 28 vertical lifts ranging from low-speed lifts to high-speed lifts. Within the tower, there is a vertical transport system. The six basement floors and the tower are located on a four-meter raft base and have 280 friction grip batteries of a diameter of 80 cm to 150 cm. The forest of piles, clasped by surrounding strata, ensures the safety and stability of the structure.



  1. Princess Tower


In Dubai and around the world, the Princess Tower set the precedent of the all-residential towers. It is located in a prime location near several facilities including malls, entertainment venues and cultural attractions. The tower is connected by a neighboring tram to the rest of the large city. At its completion in 2012, the building was the world’s tallest all-residential tower, which in light of the number of tall residential towers to be completed is designed to quickly change hands in the coming years.


  1. 23 Marina


The work is constructed on a podium and houses a six-story high entrance hall with geometrical designs on the floors and slim glass walls. The hall behind the concierge desk has a waterfall sculpture. The glass hallway is directly connected by a swimming pool on the ground level of the building, which focuses on the theme of water and the nearby shoreline. The tower structure on the top of the podium is built in an octagonal form that maximizes the apartments’ far-reaching views. The tower uses a white exposed cement wall system with a blue color tinted glass and the façades meet in a dramatic point spiral, just like a ballpoint, on the top of the building.



  1. Elite Residence


Elite residence consists of luxurious apartments, from one-bedroom apartments to penthouses with four bedrooms. The surrounding landscape, including Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf, are panoramic views over the Dubai Marina. This programme comprises fully-equipped sports and recreational facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness room, billiards & tennis courts, an open-air multi-function room, a separate playground for children and retail facilities. Safety was an important issue for the building, with high-tech systems designed to protect the residents.


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