Top 30 Lego Blogs | Lego Bricks Websites

Lego Toys bricks are one of the most exciting and engaging toys for kids and people of all ages. While Lego blogs enable anybody to easily construct new Lego structures and projects to share with others, they also allow anyone to easily purchase Lego sets and discover what innovative L Lego Toys patterns and designs are now available. It’s also exciting to see what other people across the globe are doing with Lego.


If you want to create a blog on Lego Toys, we can assist you with that. Before you do, please have a look at our hand-picked selection of the best Lego Toys available online with Lego Discount Code.


The Internet’s Best Lego Websites And Blogs Today

Popular Lego Toys blogs are an excellent location to start your search for the greatest Lego kits and custom bricks online. You may discover fantastic Lego films on YouTube and other media in addition to Lego blogs.


Below is a collection of our hand-picked Lego blogs that stand out from the crowd. To make your own Lego blog, follow our simple guide at the end of this post.

Top Web Sites & Blogs

Check out the entire list of sites and resources below for the latest social media news, online gossip, and personal profiles on this influencer.


If you love Lego Toys or know someone who does, bookmark and subscribe to this YouTube channel. It’s all about LEGOS and includes various videos that fans will like. This channel includes unique films and webcasts centered on the Lego…


Brickset Home | Brickset: The LEGO Set Database

Review – This blog brings LEGO enthusiasts up to date on the newest LEGO news and what to anticipate in the future. This UK-based blog keeps LEGO enthusiasts informed about new Lego Toys experiences and trends. The blog says…

The #1 Source For LEGO News, Reviews, And Fan Creations.

Review – This LEGO website is intended for adult lovers and builders. They highlight popular Star Wars LEGO builds, as well as LEGO news, comments, and ideas. They have some innovative LEGO projects like a room with old LEGO furniture and others…


Brick Fanatics –

LEGO News, Reviews, and Builds Brick Fanatics brings you the newest LEGO news, reviews, and projects.


The Brick Fan –

LEGO News and Reviews – This LEGO blog will keep you up to date on all things LEGO. These sites contain in-depth articles, reviews, and debates about LEGO kits. Follow this blog to obtain the latest LEGO news about trendy items,


The Brick Show –

LEGO News & Events – Brick Program is a popular LEGO online show that offers product reviews and news. They provide 24/7 audio and video webcasts covering everything LEGO. Then they told me about the rumor concerning the discontinuation of LEGO Dimensions…


Brick Math – K-6 Math Modeling Using LEGO® Bricks. Calculating Using Decimals And Fractions.


Review: LEGO blog with independent set reviews, news, and Australian sales information, as well as an adult fan’s life.


This is a French Lego Toys blog. Everything about LEGO 2020/2021, the blog, news, contests, reviews, and shopping deals.


Bricks And Creativity

Review – Where Bricks Meet Creativity. A blog with tonnes of articles and instructions about Lego Toys.


Hellobricks –

News, MOCs, and Reviews LEGO Site Review – This site contains reviews and articles on various Lego sets now available and shortly to be released.


Laminifigs Building Sets

Review – Laminifigs is a business and website dedicated to providing you and your family with fun and educational toys.


The Brick this site is intended to evaluate, discuss, and sometimes humor everything Lego. Hopefully constructive/informative, but not boring.


New LEGO Deals And Restocks |

BrickScanner Review – BrickScanner helps LEGO collectors and enthusiasts locate rare Lego Toys

sets. Our Twitter account tweets excellent LEGO bargains and news.


Home to Farquar, Lego News, Art Updates, and Other Doodads. Interesting thing.


Brick Brains – We’ve Got LEGO!

Review – Get the latest LEGO news and set reviews. More about Micropolis in forthcoming Microscale stories!



(Adult Fans of LEGO) community news, reviews, and more at


The Brick Family Blog We are a family-friendly LEGO blog, sharing our LEGO collection, exhibiting creations, and offering useful LEGO-related news.


Stegosaurus Site Review –

Everything Lego. DIY brick construction, kits, mini-figures, and more.


Starting A Lego Blog In 10 Minutes

After reading our selection of the best Lego Toys blogs on the internet today, you’re undoubtedly itching to get your Lego Toys out and play. We agree! At the same time, you’re probably wishing you had your own Lego blog.


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