The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Drier for You

There are many hair dryers on the market and this makes choosing one very difficult. I’ve done some research and looked at the features of the best hair dryers available to help make the choice easier for you.

What power level do you need?

A good entry level hair drier will have around 1200 watts. This is a good starting point to get an idea of what you’ll need, but keep in mind that this is the absolute minimum and you will probably want to go higher than this if you have thicker or longer hair. If your hair is short, straight and fine, this power level may be fine for you, but if your hair is wavy or has a lot of curl, it could take more time than you’d like to dry.

For most people looking for a step up from entry-level models without breaking the bank, 1600-1800 watts are the way to go. This power range offers more speed and efficiency without the cost of professional tools. If that’s still not enough for your thick mane, consider going all out with a 2000-watt model, it’ll be pricier but so worth it when you’re drying your hair in half the time.

Do you need multiple speed settings?

If you had to choose just one hair dryer feature to prioritize, this should definitely be it. Not all hair dryers offer multiple speed settings. It’s the first thing to look out for when shopping for the best hair dryer that suits your needs.

Why? Here’s why: choosing a hair dryer with multiple speeds gives you control over how much power you need in each situation and that makes all the difference in the drying and styling process.

So if you have fine or thinning hair, a lower heat setting will prevent heat damage from drying out your strands. If you have thick, coarse hair that takes a long time to dry, you can power up its motor for faster results. It’s really a no-brainer: more speed options equals more flexibility and better results.

How long should the cord be?

Cord length is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are a few things to consider when deciding what cord length will work best for you. Generally speaking, longer cords are more convenient in some situations and more cumbersome in others.

A longer cord may be beneficial if you have a large bathroom or no outlet close to the mirror. However, a longer cord may get tangled while in use or while being stored and could even lead to tripping hazards.

In addition, most people aren’t going to need to use their hairdryer eight feet away from an outlet–you’ll probably want it within one or two feet of your head at all times.

Are attachments important?

Some people don’t think attachments are worth it, while others can’t live without them. It’s important to consider how you style your hair; if you’re happy with the results of air drying or flat ironing, then you might not need a hairdryer with attachments.

However, if your hair tends to be dry and frizzy when left alone or if styling takes a lot of time and effort, it might be worth investing in a model that comes with various attachments for creating volume, curls, or straightening.

Is a cool shot button helpful?

If you want to make your style last, then a cool shot button is a feature you’ll definitely want to look for. By using cool air as opposed to hot, it allows the cuticle to close, which helps lock moisture in and makes for a more frizz-free finish.

It also allows you to set the style in place so that even when your hair does start to droop from humidity or other factors, it will still hold strong. Cool air can also be used strategically against the roots of your hair if you’re looking for a bit of volume.

What type of motor do you need?

When it comes to hairdryers, you might think the motor is a small part of the overall package. But actually, the motor is one of the most important parts of a hairdryer, and can make or break your drying experience. First things first: what is a motor?

A hairdryer’s motor powers its fan blades, which creates air flow that dries hair. There are three main types of motors in hairdryers: universal motors, rotary motors and AC induction motors. Universal motors have high power in small frames and can be used with an AC or DC current. Rotary motors have long lives and use little energy, but aren’t as powerful as other options. Induction motors are usually more expensive than other options because brushless technology makes them quieter and more efficient than universal or rotary designs.

Power input also affects how well your dryer works; wattage determines how powerful the dryer will be while voltage determines how much electricity it draws on average per minute.

Is an ionic hair dryer necessary?

Ionic hair dryers are hair dryers that produce negatively charged ions and emit them when drying your hair. The ions work to break up the water molecules on your head and thus dry your hair faster. As a result, ionic technology allows you to blow dry your hair in less time than with a traditional non-ionic hairdryer.

In addition to drying your hair faster, there are other benefits of using an ionic hairdryer such as:

  • Your hair will be shinier, softer and silkier
  • It will reduce frizziness, even in humid conditions
  • It locks in moisture which keeps it healthier
  • It reduces split ends and flyaways


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