Swimming you avoid injuries

Although it seems exclusive to summer, swimming is a sport that is practiced throughout the year. In the warm season it is enjoyed in a more playful way and is of great help to combat high temperatures. Being underwater is one of the best ways to disconnect and recharge batteries to continue with the daily routine, so its practice is highly recommended in winter. The benefits of swimming are many, whether in the sea or in the pool. Still haven’t made up your mind? We tell you why you should start swimming now with Lifeguard pretest.

With swimming you avoid injuries

One of the main advantages is that in swimming gravity does not intervene in the movements. Mobility is easier because gravity is not involved. Surely since you were little you have been hallucinated with that we weigh less in the water. Well, now it will serve you for a less injurious sports practice. Without impacts or rebounds, the risk of injury is lower than in running, for example. Swimming is a sport especially suitable for people in the process of recovering from injuries, especially knee and ankle injuries.

Swimming is toning

Swimming is one of the best sports to tone the muscles. All the muscles of the body are involved in their movements, but especially those of the upper trunk. About thirty continuous minutes of swimming, at least three days a week, will help you strengthen your muscles and shape your body. In addition, you will notice the benefits of swimming on your cellulite. At the same time that it tones your muscles, it will burn fat, which will help you get rid of it.

Benefits of swimming for the back

How many times have you said that your back hurts and they answered that you could use a swim? Without a doubt, the benefits of swimming for the back are important. As a consequence of the muscular work carried out by swimming, the back muscles are strengthened. Bad postures associated with wrong movements are also corrected. The practice of swimming contributes in this way to eliminate back pain and improve your flexibility. Now, it is important that you go to a doctor or physiotherapist beforehand who will tell you which style will work best. Depending on your ailment, some may be harmful.

breath key

Being unable to breathe underwater, swimming is the best sport to learn to control your breathing. By swimming, you will learn to breathe more slowly and efficiently: taking advantage of each inspiration, you will increase your lung capacity. This breathing control is of great help so that the oxygenation of the blood does not increase and you reduce the stress of the muscles.

Improve your heart health

By increasing your breathing capacity, swimming also helps improve heart conditions. It favors its proper functioning and reduces the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

It also improves your memory

One of the most curious benefits of cardiovascular development that you will gain from swimming is that you will improve your memory. The respiratory cadences that are put into practice when swimming help oxygenate the brain. On the other hand, motor coordination causes the brain to create new neural ties.

Develop your psychomotricity

As we have already said, swimming involves the movement and coordination of the vast majority of the body’s muscles and breathing. This is a great way to improve the motor skills of the body. Another of the great benefits of swimming is that you will improve your balance and reaction time.

Benefits of swimming for bodybuilding

We have repeated on several occasions that swimming works all the muscles of the body. And that through their practice, they are toned. Therefore, the benefits of swimming for bodybuilding are evident. Especially in the upper body. Try alternating between different swimming styles to target one or another muscle group.

Tips for practicing swimming

Now that we have seen all the benefits for body and mind that swimming can give you, we want to share some recommendations to practice it. Do not miss our tips so that you can enjoy your hours in the water in the best way.

  1. Equip yourself Choose a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and is suitable for swimming. Conventional two-piece bikinis are not usually very practical for doing this. Also use a swimming cap and goggles to optimize the exercise. And don’t forget your slippers, especially when you go swimming in the pool.
  2. If you’re just starting out, don’t rush or get frustrated that you can’t go any further. The first stroke is the first success. Now you just have to continue. If you are consistent, you will soon start to see progress.
  3. To obtain long-term benefits it is vital to be persistent. Mark in your agenda the days you go

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