Fun learning activities for kids to enjoy at home.

People often think whatever is learned, is learned at school. Well, it is not true because the learning process starts the day a kid is born.


Whatever they see and hear enters their brains becomes a lesson for them. So, if you choose a name for them, it would become the first lesson.


When a newborn comes, he or she is not aware of their name. The parents and people around them give them a name, and it becomes their identity.


At first, they would get familiar with the name you call, like if you gave your daughter a name called Mia, she first connects with this name. When she grows up and starts understanding different words, she might ask mia meaning one day. And this is how the process of learning begins.


Home is the first place from where a kid learns, observes, and processes life. So, if you still doubt that school is the place that teaches everything, then you need to clear this doubt right now.


As a parent, you are the teacher of your kid. So you can teach them different things at home in a fun way. If you want to teach something to your kid before sending school, you can go through this article.


We will discuss some fun learning activities with your kids that you teach at home. And they include


Teach phonics basics


The best thing you can teach your kid is how to read. If you make them a master of this art, nothing stops them from making progress in life.


You can start this process by teaching the basics of phonics. For this purpose, you don’t have to sit on a chair and repeat the letters endlessly as you can do it in a more fun way.


You can create games like finding objects that start with certain sounds. When you do it in a game form, your kid enjoys it and will not find it a tedious lesson.


They would show more interest and will also learn more quickly.


Practice writing


Writing is an essential skill, and you use it throughout your life. You can add it to the list of fun learning activities by working on it in different ways.


Writing is not like holding a pen and paper, it is how you shape a certain letter or alphabet. You can teach this fun skill in different styles like on a Play-Doh, by drawing alphabets on clay or shaving cream.


In this way, it will increase the kid’s interest, and when you see that your kid is enjoying it, you can ask them to connect dots on paper.


Practicing writing is a fun activity, and if you teach this skill to your kid at home, they will get prepared for school before even going to school.


Identify colors


Learning colors names is always playful, and kids enjoy this activity at any age. Kid gets attracted by color, and you can use it in their learning process.


You can teach them different colors names by planning some activities at home. You can arrange games where finding a certain color is the main theme.


Arrange a row of balls in different colors and ask your kid to pick and name the color of the ball one by one. It will increase their interest, and they will enjoy doing it in a game form.



It will not only help them learn colors’ names but will also improve their gross motor skills. Every time they pick a tiny ball, they will develop fine motor activities.


Teach them math and counting


If you want your kid to be good at mathematics, you have to pay attention at an early age. Start with counting and then comes to complex mathematics sums.


You can do it by playing a game like touching different same objects and reciting the numbers in the correct order. When they call a number and touch it with their hand, it will activate their brain.


Research supports the concept that when you touch and recall simultaneously, it stimulates your brain and helps you learn better.


When you see your kid is making progress, make counting complex by joining it with addition and subtraction.


Give them different objects to add and subtract. It will help your kid learn the basics of mathematics.


Try science experiments at home


If you want your kids to stand out or always shine, you have to practice science experiments in front of your kids. When your science experiment, it does not mean you have to mix chemicals in front of your kids.


You can start it with simple experiments like mixing salt in water. If you see your kid is showing interest, you can explain a simple story of the mechanism and how it happened.


It will increase their interest, and they will develop a thought process of learning, questioning, and making assumptions.

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