Is It Legal To Scrape Contact Details From LinkedIn Profiles?


The answer is, it depends.

If you plan on extracting contact details from LinkedIn for the selling purpose – mainly so they can spam the contacts with their offers – you could land in trouble.

However – if you’re using the contact details for your own business marketing campaigns, and grant the person on the other end the ability to easily opt-out of your list, you’re fine.

Think about it – you’re not scraping private data from LinkedIn. You are scraping data that is publicly available.

The best LinkedIn Scraper just makes it easier to find and extract contact information from millions of LinkedIn profiles automatically. A LinkedIn Scraper is copy-pasting data from LinkedIn to Excel just like a real person but it does it a hundred times faster than a human.

What Is The Best LinkedIn Scraper To Use?

If you’re not sure which LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor tool you are going to use, it can be overwhelming. There are thousands of tools to extract data from LinkedIn on the internet, and they all look to do the same thing, right?

We won’t spend much time here, because you just wanted to learn how to scrape contact details from LinkedIn profiles without wasting time and effort. We’ll keep it short and sweet and explain why LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the best tool to extract emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles and search results.

Simply put – it’s more sophisticated than anything else out there, and goes above and beyond simply helping you scrape contact details of targeted profiles from LinkedIn.

You can extract data from a number of different LinkedIn profiles simultaneously, and then can export this data into CSV, Excel, or Text files within the same tool.

While other LinkedIn scraping tools that help you extract LinkedIn data, LinkedIn Lead Extractor helps you initially identify good customers for outreach, find those customers (along with all their contact details such as email address, phone number, social media links, job title, connections, and more!), and then extract them and export them into your computer.

The Characteristics Of a LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Our Highly experienced and Expert team made this LinkedIn data extractor software for business owners, email marketers, telemarketers, and freelancers. After purchasing this LinkedIn lead generation tool you will achieve your targeted audience data from LinkedIn for marketing.


  • LinkedIn Crawler searches for data on LinkedIn by name, zip code, category, and LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Cute Web Phone Number Grabber is a desktop application that can be installed on Windows platforms and Net Framework 4.0.
  • If you are using LinkedIn Contact Extractor and your computer shut down unexpectedly or LinkedIn Scraping process stops due to internet failure. The LinkedIn Scraping software resumes the process where it is stopped at the time of Internet failure.
  • LinkedIn search export tool saves your search history records. It will save your time to search for data again from LinkedIn..
  • You can save your scraped LinkedIn data in CSV, Excel, Text, or Unicode formats.
  • LinkedIn Profile Extractor supports all the 200 countries supported by LinkedIn.
  • You can also use proxies to avoid blocking from LinkedIn.
  • You can get data from 800-1000 LinkedIn profiles daily.
  • The software has many filters that you can apply before and after data scraping.

How LinkedIn Lead Extractor Scrape Data From LinkedIn?

1: Download and install the LinkedIn extractor from the website ( on your computer and launch it.

2: Search for the person or business for targeted location and industry by name, zip code, category, or profile URL.

3: Click on “Run Extractor” to extract data from a LinkedIn profile.

4: Export data from a LinkedIn profile to CSV, Excel, or Text files by simply clicking on the “Export” button.

By following these simple steps, LinkedIn Email Finder will start extracting and collecting data from LinkedIn.

So if you need the LinkedIn Scraping Tool for chrome to scrape and collect valid data for marketing from LinkedIn then this is the best option for you. You can try it now, LinkedIn Lead Extractor is free to download with some limitations. Once you see that LinkedIn Data Extractor works well for you and collect the exact data you want from LinkedIn, you can purchase the license of the software to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. You can use the awesome services of the software for 3 months for just $59.99.

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