8 Unique Virtual Games For Team Bonding

Remote employment offers several advantages in terms of flexibility and cost savings. But, workers have less opportunities to form deep and good relationships with their coworkers. As a result, individuals may be dissatisfied with their jobs, produce poor work outputs, and be generally discouraged from performing at their best. As a result, managers and leaders must organize virtual games from team bonding. It is the best way to save both distant teams’ spirits and organizational practices.

Virtual team bonding games are excellent for promoting the following qualities:


  • Employee dedication and engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Improved professional communication and decision-making
  • The physical and psychological resources are required to cope with stress and overcome problems.

All of the above-mentioned is especially important now. As employees are forced to leave their regular workplaces and begin working from home due to a pandemic. It results in lower quality team interactions, low morale, and dread of uncertainty. So, we are mentioning some virtual games for team bonding. You can use them to engage your employees. Let’s get started.

8 Unique Virtual Games For Team Bonding at Work

Team bonding games and activities are designed to help team members have various qualities and meet a variety of team needs. You may try out some of the following virtual games for team bonding with your colleagues. 

Thrilling Sponge

Do you want to encourage employees to be more creative and strengthen their storytelling abilities? Exciting Sponge is absolutely worth trying. Each player must choose any ordinary thing within reach. Like a sponge, a cup, or a pencil, and deliver a fascinating and maybe crazy tale about it as part of this game. It is critical to concentrate on all of the characteristics and traits that make the selected thing so amazing when doing so. The game becomes more enjoyable as the story includes more incredible and fascinating facts.

Circle of Learning

The Learning Circle activity is an excellent way to exchange ideas and brainstorm. This exercise brings together team members and encourages them to openly communicate their ideas and thoughts on any topic of interest. As a result, it allows for the broadening of knowledge fields as well as the development of new and promising solutions.

Karaoke on PowerPoint

Another example is PowerPoint Karaoke. It can be played over a video-conferencing application. If you want to relieve tension and have some fun with your coworkers, this game is ideal. Participants should produce unplanned slideshow presentations about their life, without knowing the topics of the slides in advance. This will ensure that everyone has a good time.

The Disney Competition

This is a competition in which you must listen to Disney songs. And guess the names of the cartoons from which they are derived. To properly conduct the challenge, one of the competitors should serve as a referee. A Disney world specialist is in charge of organizing the songs, collecting the scores, and declaring the winner. Although this game takes some preparation, the amount of enjoyment you may have from participating in it is well worth the effort.

Drawing at a Fast Speed

The ultimate objective of this challenge is to draw the most beautiful image in the shortest amount of time. Your drawing’s subject, genre, and medium can all be pretty much anything. The number of players is also limitless. Although it would be preferable if the majority of them could not draw well for the sake of entertainment. Speed sketching ensures excitement and frequent bursts of uncontrollable laughing in this situation.

Two truths and one lie 

Set up Two Truths and a Lie if you want to know each other better. In this game, each player is required to make two true and one false statement about oneself. The other participants were asked to determine which statement is untrue. What’s amazing about Two Truths and a Lie is that it can be played in any messaging app in both textual and audio/video format.

Challenge of the Bucket List

Gather your coworkers in a video conference location. And ask them to make brief bucket lists of everything they want to do and see in life. After everyone has finished writing, the participants will need to share their bucket list items with others. It is a great way to learn new things about coworkers and meet others who share similar interests. The best thing is that if certain employees’ goals and aspirations match, they may band together to achieve them or just encourage and motivate one another along the way.

Cinema Nights

Every employee definitely likes movies. You may take advantage of everyone’s love of good movies and start a movie night tradition in your office. Your team members need to do nothing more than decide the movie they want to view together, set a date, and assemble in a video conference room. One of the staff will stream the movie and share it with others on the screen. It allows everyone to view it in real-time, exactly like in a movie theatre.


So, we have discussed the best virtual games for team bonding. These virtual games for team bonding will increase your employees’ stamina and help them cope better with the challenges of social isolation. They will assist your team members in developing more positive attitudes about their jobs as well as becoming more effective and productive in the workplace. I hope this virtual games for team bonding blog helps you a lot.


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