Different Video Greeting Ideas

Weddings, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are one of the best occasions in our lives. It is all about personalization, and what better way to show your loved ones some love than by creating a personalized video greeting. In this blog post, we will show you three easy ways to create a video greeting for your loved ones. Whether you want to create a montage of photos and videos, or record a special message, we have the perfect DIY idea for you. So get creative and start crafting those video greetings!

There are a lot of ways on how you will do your next video greetings but first you need to choose the best editing app for your next video. Every occasion is special and these are some ideas that will help you decide what are the things you want to do for your next occasion.

1. Letter

When creating a video greeting start collecting all your photos or video clips that you wanted to use. You can either start with the photo from childhood up until the present. You need or you will be presenting this by slideshows on your videos while you are narrating the letter or message that you wanted to tell.

You can also customize everything by adding animation, subtitles, font styles and color styles. This will give a little life to the video greeting that you will be creating.

2. Story

A story is about telling what happened and with the new technology it was now added to some of the social media platforms and by adding or tagging the person on the “story” they will be able to see your message to them.

Some of the social media that provide stories are Facebook and Instagram. It originated on Instagram and was adapted by Facebook. In here you can add filters, texts, stickers and effects on the video clips that you will be uploading. It will give more texture to the photo or video that you will be posting.

3. Birthday Cards

When we say birthday cards sometimes we think that it was made from cardboards or paper that we will customize to give out to our loved ones. But I would like to introduce the latest technology that we also have “video birthday cards”. There are a lot of video editing software that you can use to make a birthday video card. Try to search it on youtube as well on how you can create one.

4. Party Invites

When you will be sending out invites usually and the most common ways are through card invitations or photo invitations. But as technology arises and new trends pop up you can now send out video slide invites. In the video you can include greetings, what is the time, where the party will be and when the party will be. This can now be compiled in a video that you can send to anyone.

Whether it is a birthday party, holiday party or wedding, you can now start using video invites to family and friends. These videos are so interestings for most of the editing softwares already has different effects that you can add to your video.

5. Milestone

The milestones of your loved ones are the most precious moments that you can have. And you can capture it by compiling videos or photos that you have for them.

One best example is the milestone of your child, you can start compiling videos and photos and then creating a video from being a newborn up until the baby is already 1 year old. These simple gifts can be appreciated by your babies when they grow up. They will feel that they are being loved for you, will be able to give them things that they don’t know yet and be able to show them what they looked like when they were still a baby.

Creating your video greetings are very easy, but first you need to know what you would like to do and what are the things that you want to show. At least you will be able to gather ideas on what sound or music you will be using for the particular greeting video. Enjoy creating one.


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