Simple 3D book drawings for beginners


Learning to learn the drawing of a book is simple and perfect for beginners. Today you will learn to draw a book with punctual prospects and point techniques to make it 3 dimensions. We will use perspective concepts with 1 and 2 points, but we will do it for free.


However, you can use a ruler if you want. But I think that loosening the drawings and taking a more relaxed approach to art culture. I find it much less exhausting. Take a look at some of these book photos if you need ideas for your 3D drawings.


Three things you learn

  • How to use a two-point perspective to draw a 3D book
  • The difference between a point and two points point of view
  • How to use the shortening of the dramatic effect


What is the difference between a point perspective and a two-point perspective?

  • One point and two points refer to the number of points of disappearance used in their drawing.
  • A point perspective is used when you look directly at a form or object.
  • The two-point perspective is used when visualizing an object from an angle. It’s a much more interesting point of view and is just more complicated.
  • For our book drawings today, you will learn to draw a book with a single perspective and attract two points.


How to draw a book with two-point prospects?

We will begin by projecting our basic form for our reservation. Since we draw a 3D book, we use dice. We will use the same process of drawing a cube, but we will do it shorter. Sketch your dice easily with a pencil. Draw the edge closest to you. Remember how much you want your book. Draw other lower edges from your book. Your lines must make a light “V” form.


  • Then trace the line for the top edge of your book shape. These lines must be parallel to the lower lines.
  • Draw the short standing lines at each stop of your book. Do not worry about your lines that extend to where you must be.
  • Easily go and delete the supplement later. It’s easier to go a little past where you have to stop because you can go through your pencil stops.
  • Now draw the rear edges for your reservation. These must be drawn directly on the lines in parallel with the lines.
  • You now have the approximate shape of your 3D book. Let’s add some details now and look like a book.


How do you draw a book version?

For retirement from your book, pull a pair of curved lines. Then draw another curved line on the other side to display the pages. You can draw the pages directly downstairs, but I think you look more interesting. Add additional lines to display the thickness of the book cover. Add shadows to your book to help you with the illusion of being 3D.


Determine where your light source is the first. This example comes from the upper right corner of the book. It makes the darkest areas of the left of the book. Let’s look at how you can draw a book with a point perspective.


One punctual perspective lettering

If you draw it properly, you look like it appears from the page. It uses a single disappearance to create the 3D effect. Start with the drawing of the top edge of your book with both sides. When you draw the pages, you want to imagine gathering somewhere on one point so that your work is low. However, you do not have to draw them that way. But if you did it, it would look like this.


Next, draw the bottom of your book. Draw the top of your book now. Short lines for the edges of the upper part must be parallel to each other and straight. You can add some details to your book drawing as soon as you have the basic form. Draw a pair of curved lines for the spine and pages. You have a potential book full point to add into shades and casting shadows. I love what it would say that it ends and the paper turns from the newspaper.


Simple 3D drawing for beginners

It was for today. I hope you enjoyed our lesson to draw a 3D book. Making 3D drawings can be rewarding. And if you learn to draw 3D or else, you will only be better with that. Good luck on your artistic trip, and I hope to see you soon.

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