SharePoint – what is this program? How to use SharePoint?

The main task of the interior is a high quality and fast exchange of information. For employee interaction to be productive, computer companies are working to create a successful platform that will be responsible for this task. Apart from everyone else, Microsoft has taken this issue seriously with the SharePoint product. What is this program?

What is SharePoint?

As you can see, we’re going to deal with Microsoft SharePoint.

What is SharePoint for?

Overall we came across MS SharePoint: what it is and what to do about it. Now let’s see why we need this program. .

What is SharePoint Designer?

One of the elements of this project is SharePoint Designer. What kind of program it is and what it is for, we will understand further. We understand the main purpose of the SharePoint project.

To work with Web sites it has full web usage editor. SharePoint Designer helps perform step-by-step quick setup:

  • Use of templates.
  • Filling modular components.
  • Necessary design;
  • Quality design etc.

This program contains everything you need to help you get started with your website quickly. In this case, everything is simple, so there is no need to know complicated codes. You just have to have a general idea of   the visual design media.

Although it is SharePoint Designer for the general family of the company, software can not be found in the delivery of the standard Office suite. Therefore, if there is a need for this program, you will have to purchase it separately. By the way, it can also be downloaded for free, but only for a trial period.

Goals and objectives As we have already understood, SharePoint Designer refers to simple web editors and therefore its functions and tasks are also well known:

  • Creating HTML pages.
  • Creating ASPX pages.
  • Work with web applications.
  • Web site management.

For the process to work properly, Web sites must be connected to a server that already runs SharePoint Services. If your job is to create an HTML or ASPX page, then in principle you can not use the link on the server. The only point is that when you finish the task, you will have to download all the files.

Basic principles

Collaborate with this program, as already mentioned, is quite simple. You will initially be greeted by a rudimentary interface and you will understand intuitively with further actions, if, of course, you once worked with a web editor.

The next thing you need is text input. For you, some code combinations that are suitable for HTML design have already been represented. In general, the designer is no different from those already known.

The program allows you to add design elements: tags and server elements. Although there is a difference in these elements, the way each of them is inserted in the text is no different. By the way, you can enter elements with different configurations, you can select parameters in the context menu. Once the project is designed, it can be prevented and saved.

What is a SharePoint Workspace?

A new version of the old software proved to be more interactive and flexible.  If you work with SharePoint Workspace, what it is and why, the main task is clear: synchronize content on a computer with documents and lists in real time. Unlike the previous component that is responsible for design, this serves as a more communication platform in previously created sites or sites


Thus, the theme of our Li shell – Microsoft SharePoint Workspace. What this is, we already know, and so it remains to understand the capabilities that this software provides for us. First of all, this is the design of workplaces that are divided into different types:

  • SharePoint;
  • Groove;
  • Public folder area.

The first option is responsible for synchronizing both directions directly, without any editing. The work is done with content libraries and lists on a separate computer. The next area is designed for a full operation among all employees. In this case, this environment is considered the safest. The third option is designed to maintain and operate employee access to OS folders.

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