How to Choose an Attendance Management Software for your Organization

Human resources are the foundation of every Organization’s success. Human resources are the most difficult to manage because they are constantly changing and dynamic. The size of an organization can also bring challenges.


Small companies may have difficulty managing their human resources because they may not have an efficient human resources department. Or the CEO may be responsible. The work of the human resource department in larger organizations with many employees can become incredibly messy because of the sheer volume of data that must be tracked and maintained.


Attendance management is a vital real-time function in the human resources department. Simply put, attendance is the ability to show up to work on a given day. The employee’s attendance determines their monthly pay check.


Is managing attendance easy? It’s not.


Employee attendance could be manually managed in simpler times, with fewer employees and only one shift. Everyone would arrive at the designated time and leave at the designated closing time. It could be easy to manage attendance by having everyone sign the attendance register once each morning and again in the evening as they leave work.


HR would use this information to generate the pay check at the end of each month or week. However, manually entering attendance registers is difficult and impossible with so many employees, shift times for different departments, and flexible timings.


Then, what is the solution? A web-based attendance management software is the solution.


What is Attendance Management?


An attendance management system is a system that tracks the attendance of employees and their working hours. It also records the employee’s breaks and leaves. There are many attendance management systems, including manual attendance registers, spreadsheet attendance sheets, timesheets, time cards, and online attendance management systems.


Online attendance management software can be used as a standalone program or integrated into a payroll processing and leave management system. A human resource system that integrates with the payroll processing system and the leave management system makes it easier to generate a paycheck based on attendance.


Integration with the leave management software streamlines vacation time calculation for employees, regardless of whether they are on sick leave or casual leave. You can rest easy knowing that an online attendance management system will take care of two of the tedious, time-consuming tasks you have and make your life easier.


Why should you have an attendance management system?

A system for attendance management is essential for any organization, particularly for human resources departments. It will ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any interruptions.


The most basic definition of a job role is that the employer uses to pay employees in exchange for their time. The system will soon collapse if any party to the barter system doesn’t keep their end of the bargain. The attendance management system tracks this swap to ensure that employees aren’t playing with the system.


A high attendance rate indicates an organization’s great work culture. Employees are meticulous about their work and work shift times. Low attendance can indicate a problem in the workplace or the employees’ attitude.


Every leave is costly and time-consuming. It is important to keep attendance records to ensure cost-effectiveness and time tracking and management. A prolonged absence can also affect the quality of work and the morale of an organization. Employees who are consistently late to work, even after being reprimanded, can also reflect a disdain for the Organization. This is a bad sign.


An attendance management system is essential for keeping track of employees’ working hours. The human resources department can keep track of all employees’ working hours and any overtime they have done with an efficient attendance management system.


This information is useful for employees who receive an hourly salary. This information can determine how long employees work, even if they are located far away.


Checklist of Must-Have Features


What makes attendance management software useful? An attendance management system is more than just a tool for clocking in employees’ check-in and check-out times. It also has other benefits, such as streamlining multiple processes and saving time, money, and resources. Here is a list of the essential features an attendance management system must-have.


  • Simple and accurate check-in/check-out functions for employees that allow them to determine their productive hours and reduce human error.
  • To monitor productivity, comprehensive monitoring of project time and overtime is possible.
  • Cloud-based, real-time attendance database creation. Employee attendance records can be viewed at any time.
  • Compatible with various biometric-integrated attendance devices such as fingerprint recognition, face detection, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Near Field Communication technology (NFC). This allows for simple migration and minimal expenditure.
  • Employees who work remotely, are at home, or are on vacation can have their check-ins done via the internet or mobile.
  • The authenticity of remote check-ins by employees can be verified using GPS tracking.
  • Incorporation of attendance policies such as flexible timings and a late penalty, short leave, minimum hours for half-day shifts, over-time bonus, and short leaves.
  • Different groups of employees can be given multiple shift management.
  • Integration with the payroll processing software for simplified payroll functionality and paycheck generation
  • Integration with the leave management software to monitor vacation time and required leaves.
  • An easy-to-use interface allows employees to view and manage their attendance in one place.
  • Notifications of missed punches or half-punches via emails or messages to employees regarding attendance updates.
  • After approval by the concerned person, provision for attendance regularization in the event of incorrect attendance marking.
  • It is easily configurable and can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • We can create custom attendance lists for both individuals and whole teams to monitor attendance.


The Challenges in Attendance Management

An organization can only function if its employees work. Absenteeism and leaves harm the company’s ability to function. Paid vacations and holidays are planned and help employees manage their work-life balance. They do not affect the Organization’s functioning. However, unscheduled leave and high absenteeism can harm everything. This includes disruptions to schedules and poor quality work, and money lost.


These are the most common problems that human resource departments face when trying to manage attendance in any organization:


Absence of an absenteeism program

Many organizations don’t have an effective absenteeism management system in place. This is even though it has many benefits. Once the program is implemented, the initial costs will be recouped within a few days. The absenteeism costs will drop dramatically while productivity will increase.

Poor implementation and attendance management policy

It is rare to have an effective attendance management policy that meets all legal requirements. The policy should be tailored to the needs of your organization. If an organization does not have an attendance management policy, it is equivalent to not having one. This isn’t good for the Organization.

Tracking Participants with Dismal Attendance

Many organizations don’t take attendance tracking seriously, leading employees to take advantage of the situation. This could be due to a lack of resources or the inability of supervisors and managers to take action against repeated absences. Both cases signify that employees don’t take attendance seriously because they know there won’t be any repercussions. To set a good example of punctuality, supervisors, and managers must be trained to deal with frequent absences or late arrivals.

There is no difference between Innocent Absences and Culpable Absences

Even though casual and sick leaves are often used interchangeably, it is not legal. A culpable absence is an absence that medical reasons cannot prevent. Employers should be able to distinguish between an innocent absence from a culpable absence and how they deal with employees. The organization should be flexible when a request for leave is made on humane grounds. It is important to accommodate employees’ requests based on their circumstances.

Medical Leaves

Employees often take advantage of sick leave by pretending to be ill, which is ethically unacceptable. The Organization can legally verify medical claims submitted by employees, but this is usually not done regularly unless there is a serious problem. The practice of verifying medical claims can be very detrimental to the Organization.

Third-party dependency

Third-party vendors can be used to manage attendance. This could cause problems because they might not have the same rules and attendance policies as the company. It is crucial that the human resource department takes all decisions regarding attendance policies and not let third-party vendors make them.


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