How To Buy Affordable Organic Clothing in the Best Possible Way?


Buying clothes on regular basis or every time the salary is credited to our account is a norm these days. This is the reason why fashion giants are looking for the best ways to keep their stores updated with the latest clothing labels. The term fast fashion is the result of such a trend. While this may have made shopping easier, the discarded pieces of fashion are ruining the face of the earth like never before. This is the reason why the trend of affordable organic clothing is on the rise these days.

People are now conscious of the negative effects of synthetic clothing on our environment. This is why there is a huge number of eco friendly beauty brands and clothing brands offering products and clothing items that are made of 100% organic material or is that? Yes, the rising trend of organic clothing has also produced a huge number of fake clothing brands selling synthetic fibre clothing with an organic label.

If you are looking for the best ways to buy eco friendly clothing then here is what you need to know.

Don’t Buy More Than You Need

Sometimes the most powerful solution for a problem is the simplest one. Before you start to look for affordable organic clothing brands to shop for, take a look at your wardrobe. What is it lacking and what doesn’t need to be replaced? You will be surprised that how 100 billion pieces of clothing are purchased around the globe.

But the worst part is, every old or relaced cloth will end up in landfills. So, you will have more space in your closet for new clothes. An average American buys around 81 pounds of clothing every year and just imagine how much it will be when a locality, city, or whole country will do. So, if you need to buy ethical women’s clothing then buy less or something you need.

Because organic clothing will look even better after several washes so you can buy them second-hand as well. Also, you can exchange them with your friends too. Some users have even reported that they have organized the swapping parties. They exchange their clothes that they no longer require. Buying less is a great idea in many ways.

Buy Consciously

Established fashion giants are using greenwashing in their marketing strategies. Brands H&M’ is offering the “Conscious Collection,” to promote their eco-conscious approach and sustainable dresses to those who like sustainable and green clothing. But even such reputed brands do not provide any proof of their sustainable material in clothing items.

H&M was even called by the Norwegian consumer products to show their proof of using sustainable material. So, if a brand is calling itself an Eco-friendly seller, then you should look for proof of them being eco-friendly and selling sustainable clothing.

Look at the labels of the clothing item or if you are buying online then look for the description. If you found the information about the fabric legit then reward them by buying sustainable clothing brands from them.

Always Buy Local

Buying only locally made clothes which might be a little hard. Clothes are manufactured everywhere. However, whenever possible, look for sustainable fashions that are made locally. This will lower the carbon footprint of whatever you wear. It will eliminate the transportation system’s chain of supply and lower energy consumption.

Just like organic food, instead of consuming just eat as much as you need to apply this rule when you are going to buy. Also, buy only organic and nothing else. Going for earth-friendly clothing will favor the earth and benefit our consumer society as well. This means slowing down and taking a closer look at what we are doing. Buying local and buying less will promote an eco friendly and sustainable clothing society for sure.

Do Your Research

Before you settle for affordable organic clothing, you should look at their material first. If you find any synthetic fabric then you should avoid buying them because you are going to buy oil in the clothing form. Synthetic fibres are made from air, water, petroleum, and coal. Their production is an incredibly energy-intensive procedure. Furthermore, the fabric upon breakdown will turn into microplastic which will make its way to water and then to our food. Traditional cotton isn’t a preferred choice for sustainable fashion either. It requires a huge amount of pesticide and water which makes it the most resources heavy crop on earth.

Instead, look for alternatives such as hemp and linen, or organic cotton. They require just the right amount of water and no harmful chemicals will be used to farm them. There are bamboo-based fabrics as well that do not require a heavy amount of water. Though some types of chemicals are used in growing them bamboo-based fabric is the most eco friendly clothing material.

The GOTS Certified Clothing

GOTS certification is one of the toughest certifications for any brand. This requires the scrutinized working environment, manufacturing process, and how a brand source their material to produce eco-fashion. A brand fulfilling the requirements can only get the GOTS certification.

This is the reason why legit eco friendly clothing brands put their GOTS certification on their website and take pride in it. If you find the information about GOTS certification on a brand’s website then consider buying green fashion pieces from them. This will encourage such brands to work more and enhance their market.

Bottom Line

Buying organic womens clothing means you are taking part in reducing your carbon footprints and trying from your side to save the environment. This can be hard at first because finding a brand like Neunomads can be hard because they are all open about their journey and their achievements. So, if you aren’t convinced about a brand or hesitate about them then consider visiting them and’ browse through their GOTS certified clothing

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