Complete list of new features added to Microsoft Teams in December 2022

Last month, Microsoft introduced several new features to its Microsoft teams. Breakthrough rooms were the main feature added last month. . Also, meeting attendees can now use the voice help provided by Cortana to join and end their meetings without touch. Microsoft today unveiled all the new features that were added to The Thames in December.

What’s New: Meetings?

Virtual Breakout

Rooms Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split the meeting into smaller groups to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions. A Teams Meeting Room or Teams Channel Meeting Room can be created, giving you more flexibility in how you want to meet. Organizers can easily switch between bounce rooms, submit announcements to all rooms at once, and return everyone to the main meeting at any time. All files from the selection rooms can be shared at the main meeting and are then available in the meeting chat.

End-of-Meeting Notifications

Microsoft Teams notifies meeting participants when they have five minutes left until the scheduled meeting time. The notification appears on the screen for 10 seconds and disappears without any action from the user. This helps you stay on track and finish as needed without inadvertently delaying your next schedule. Notification is activated for all scheduled private and channel meetings and does not cause the meeting to end automatically.

Pre-Join Meeting Teams Experience

We’ve now enhanced the pre-join meeting experience for Teams meetings, including easier detection of audio, video, and device configurations before you join a meeting. Previously, you had to go to settings to change your meeting devices, but now they can be easily adjusted before the meeting in the pre-join experience.

New supported languages   for real-time translation at live events

Translate Japanese, Korean, French, French-Canadian, Spanish, Spanish-Mexican, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Hindi-Indian, Portuguese-Brazilian and Russian to a maximum of 50 different languages. Learn more.

Increasing Live Event Limits Extended Until June 30, 2021

To continue assisting our clients, until June 30, 2021, we have extended our Live Event Limits, including:


  • Event support up to 20,000 attendees
  • 50 events can be organized simultaneously with the tenant
  • Event duration of 16 hours after broadcast

Additionally, the Live Event Assistance Program can host events for up to 100,000 attendees. Learn more.

What’s New:

Multiple Dialing

Call now you can see the split key in the audio / video call conversation header. This displays multiple numbers for one contact, making it easy to browse the available numbers to start a call.

Live subtitles for 1: 1 calls

Whether you are in a noisy environment or simply missed, live subtitles can make it easier to track calls. Administrators can disable this feature if they wish, and users have control over it. For the most accurate subtitles possible, it is recommended to speak clearly in the microphone and to avoid multiple people talking at the same time.

What’s New: Edit

New Features Appear on Microsoft Windows Team

Rooms The latest Microsoft Teams Rooms application for Windows, version, is now available in the Team Admin Center.

Crotona Voice Assistance (preview):  Starting in Preview, in-room meeting attendees can now use Crotona Voice Assistance to join and end their meetings without touch. Using natural language, people can simply quote “Cortana, join / end my meeting” for a flawless hands-free experience.

Control the focus from the console:  People in the meeting room can now control the Spotlight feature on team meetings from the Teams Rooms console control. Once enabled, the individual identified as the center of attention will be the main video shown to all participants in the Team Meeting.

Share HDMI Audio:  A much-needed feature, users connecting to the Teams Room via HDMI can now share their PC audio at a Teams meeting.

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Improved Teams Meeting Experiences Teams’

phones now support a new video layout, including a 3 × 3 gallery view, a large multi-user gallery view, and Together mode. Using 3 × 3, users can watch video feeds of up to 9 meeting participants at a time. For even larger meetings, enable a large gallery to display up to 49 participants. The team phones now also support Together mode, a meeting experience where participants are transported into a virtual shared space. Whichever style of meetings you choose, you can always enable background blur to reduce distractions and obscure all the images in the video settings.

Conference Phones Proximity Join for Teams Proximity

meeting attendance for an affordable Microsoft Teams conference phone is supported by this update. The Microsoft Teams client on your PC and mobile detects the proximity of the conference phone through the BLE beacon that transmits the phone, allowing you to easily add the phone to the meeting screen before connecting to your desktop or mobile client. When the user adds the conference phone to the meeting, the phone will automatically accept the incoming meeting request. Visit to the Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) for Microsoft powerApps development.

New Unified Communication Workstation and Phone Shaping Factors from Yearling and Audio codes

Yearling is excited to introduce a new set of peripherals, WH66 and WH67, an integrated unified communication workstation. The all-in-one format has a built-in speaker, wireless charger for mobile phone, multi-touch screen and USB hub. Calling is now even more convenient with the dedicated Teams button. All of these features reduce the number of tools and wires on the desktop, simplifying the workspace and increasing productivity.

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